How to Decide Which is the Best London Escort Agency For You

London is one of the best places in the world to find gorgeous escort girls and there are a seemingly endless number of agencies you can try. Which one is right for you will depend on a few factors and this guide aims to help you make an informed choice. Unlike some areas of the country, escort agencies in London are plentiful, so there’s no reason to settle on the first one you find just because it’s it seems like the easiest option.


Before you decide to make contact with an agency, it makes sense to do some research. Try to find out how many of these organisations serve your local area, you can do this by using a search engine and terms like “escorts” “call girls” or “female companionship.” Pay close attention to the quality of the agency’s website, including the graphics, design and written content. The chances are, if the site looks unprofessional and badly managed, the agency will be, too.


In the age of the internet, the consumer is king. Agencies can’t hide from bad reviews, so spend some time looking around on forums like punternet or other local sites that relate to your area. If the agency is professional, they may also have the option for clients to leave feedback on their site, too. A series of one star reviews or negative comments are usually a good indicator that somewhere is of poor quality and should be avoided. Conversely, a number of five star reviews and compliments from real punters usually means the agency has earned a good reputation for a reason.

Girl Imagery:

This might seem incredibly obvious, but it is one of the main ways punters check to see if an agency is for them. If you see high quality images of girls that you find attractive, the chances are, that agency could be a good option for you. Obviously if there are low quality or blurry pictures of girls who you would rather not spend any intimate time with, this a good indicator that the London escort agency should be avoided.

London is a big place and there are agencies in practically every area of the city. If you plan to make an in call or perhaps arrange an out call booking, it would make sense to try and find girls who are based in your area. This means it will be easier for them to find you for out-call bookings and will also make life much easier if you need to use public transport to get to a meeting place or venue. Most agencies will explain which areas of the capital they serve but if you are unsure, the simplest way to find out is to contact them by phone to ask.


This can be a major consideration for many clients. Although everybody likes a bargain, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is most definitely true when it comes to booking escorts. If you have a limited budget of around £100, you should still be able to organise an experience that will be satisfying for you, but don’t expect luxurious five star treatment. If you can afford to pay a little more, dinner dates, overnight stays or dates with girls who have supermodel looks are all potential options for you. Being realistic about what you can afford and adjusting your expectations accordingly is the best policy when it comes to

How Booking an Escort in London Could Change your Life for the Better.

The sun is shining, the sky is clear, a plane flies overhead and you notice how peaceful it is, then you look down and you're back to reality working every day, stressed and not having anything to look forward to or way of blowing off steam. This summer I urge you to take care of yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically as improving your well-being could just be the difference to having the summer of your life or another boring summer that you forget.

Break free from the London lifestyle

Whether you're a resident in London or thinking about a short break there make sure you give yourself a chance to break away from the hustle and bustle of the London lifestyle and go somewhere to relax, get excited or fulfil your dreams.

an image of the professional London escort Jasmina from Crush Escorts.
Jasmina - Crush Escorts
Although booking with a masseur or spending a day reading a book in bed might be a great short-term fix from the stress of a busy lifestyle, you haven't made any progress or memories to look back on. Sometimes what people need is a push in the right direction to make a big change in their life or do something bizarre to spice things up and break free from the chains of the suburban lifestyle.

My suggestion is treating you to one of the most sensual escorts London has to offer, booking your favourite place to eat and a hotel that strikes you as being gorgeous so that you're able to truly enjoy your evening. Whilst booking an escort may not be a conventional recommendation, it's definitely a powerful one and let me explain why.

Regardless of whether you're single and lonely, have a wife or meet new partners regularly, you're very unlikely to be actually living out your wildest fantasies and making them a reality, sometimes you just need to give yourself exactly what you want so that you can appreciate the other things in life. Whether you have a fetish that's being unfulfilled by your partner or a preference for Asians but don't have the confidence to speak to them, booking the girl of your dreams and spoiling her at your favourite place to eat could never be a bad idea. Whilst some choose to spend £600/hour with a high-class escort, I'd suggest trying out Crush Escorts due to their reasonable prices, extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, the amazing variety of stunning girls that they recruit and their impressive selection of enticing services.

Build meaningful relations with London Escorts

An image of the escort Jasmina from Crush Escorts.
Jasmina - London Escort
Crush Escorts is a London Escort Agency that has built their reputation from the ground up for 17 years to develop the well-respected brand image they have today and due to this, they are able to recruit some of the most gorgeous escorts in London and continue to exceed clients expectations. It's actually impressive how much of a difference booking one of these London escorts can make to your life, once you have allowed yourself an evening to wind down, whilst being immersed in a beautiful woman's affection, you will start to realise how great it feels to know that for this night there are no strings attached, no boundaries and no responsibilities. 

An image of Jasmina the London Escort from Crush Escorts.
Jasmina from Crush Escorts
Despite the great atmosphere and the special evening that comes along with booking one of these escorts, there are actually plenty of practical reasons to book with this agency regardless of the erotic and romantic aspects. No matter how great you are at speaking to women, it can still be difficult building an emotional connection with women of this calibre, not to mention managing to make her laugh with your humour and being able to satisfy them in the bedroom better than any of their previous partners. When booking an escort with Crush Escorts these women aren't scared to tell you what they think if you would like 'feedback' and it's this service that drives so many men to continue booking escorts, through this clients are able to improve their dating skills, confidence, ability to communicate effectively to beautiful women, the way in which they present themselves and the way in which they handle a woman in the bedroom department. 

Throughout this blog, I have talked about the benefits of booking an escort in London, as well as the consequences of abiding by social norms and not giving yourself a chance to be exhilarated. Sometimes in life, the best course of action is to fulfil your desires, spice things up and meet the girl of your dreams. For more information about Crush Escorts, the great selection of escorts they provide and the booking process feel free to visit their website which can be found in the link above.